Corrugate Labelling

Corrugate labeling

Our label machine applies a thin layer of glue to the back of a label in order to adhere to corrugate. The machine can accommodate up to a 30” wide label. We can label unprinted/uncut corrugate if provided with a diagram for the placement of a label. 


Hardware Kit Assembly

Two piece
Individuals count a variety of hardware items that are needed according to specific kits. These are placed in a bag that gets heat sealed. Then these bags are placed in a supply container according to a specific number per container. 

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly


Cable Roll
Individuals cut fiber optic cable to a variety of lengths within specific guidelines. Metal rings are put on both ends in order to be crimped so that the cable does not pull out of the connector. Then, coating is removed from the fiber optics on both ends of the cable so that it can be inserted into the connector. Once the cable is inserted into a connector, excess is cut from the cable that extends out of the end of the connector. The connector end is sanded and then polished so that the cable will properly emit light. An adhesive is added to the connector so that cable will stay placed in the connector. The cable is tested to ensure it functions properly. Finally, the cables are placed into plastic bags that have identifying information. 





Items are placed between two sided plastic and cut to the size of the package. The item is then placed through a heat tunnel so that the plastic will shrink to the size of the package.


Janitorial Services

Our agency maintain a number of local, state, and federal contracts throughout the area. Services could include daily janitorial tasks, such as cleaning counters, desks, and bathrooms; garbage removal, and carpet and floor cleaning.  Other services could include more intense services such as floor stripping and waxing and carpet cleaning.  Pricing would be dependent upon the specific services requested and frequency of service. 

Driver’s License Centers

dept trans Our agency has a contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation through Unique Source to provide photo center operators.  We provide these operators for several driver’s license centers in the Westmoreland County area. The locations include Greensburg, Indiana, Kittanning, & New Kensington.  These operators process individual’s driver’s licenses according to security procedures.  Our agency is responsible for hiring, scheduling, and payroll for individuals to staff the centers according to operating hours and contract specifications.

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