We are a private non-profit organization serving all of Westmoreland County and are located in the Greensburg-Hempfield Industrial Park. We are licensed by the Department of Human Services (formerly Department of Welfare) and are a licensed vocational rehabilitation facility. We are a work-oriented facility with a controlled working environment.
We provide a community based, comprehensive system of rehabilitation services for those who have a disability which hinders them from obtaining competitive employment.
Individual vocational goals utilize work experience and related services to assist progress towards normal living and productive vocational status.
Our objectives of the facility include:

  • Providing evaluation, personal work adjustment training and ancillary services necessary for people with disabilities to overcome limitations of functioning and achieve placement in competitive employment
  • Providing sheltered employment for those individuals with disabilities who are capable of limited productive activity in a controlled industrial setting

About Usspacer

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As a licensed vocational rehabilitation program our focus is on a real work environment. This environment is provided through our subcontract work with companies throughout the local area. We pride ourselves on the quality of work, meeting production deadlines, and having a fair market price. This is also provided by our agency being a prime manufacturer of wood line blocks and metal line twigs. We have a woodshop and metal department that manufactures such items. These also can be silk screened to the customer’s specifications. These items are marketed throughout the United States and Canada.



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